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Jaeco Small Order, Quick Ship Program Agricultural Injection Metering Pumps

Serving Farmers for over Fifty-Five Years

For over fifty-five years, Jaeco AgriPumps or agricultural injection metering pumps have been the solution for both difficult and routine chemigation applications. Tens of thousands of Jaeco injection metering pumps are in use worldwide, supplying millions of service hours. These heavy-duty pumps, developed for industrial applications, are designed to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for years. All Jaeco injection metering pumps are engineered for simplicity of design in order to achieve quality, durability and virtually maintenance-free reliability at a competitive price.

To meet your metering pump needs Jaeco offer three types of injection metering pumps: hydraulically actuated Diaphragm pumps, Packed Plunger pumps and unique combination Diaphragm/Packed Plunger pumps. Unlike some of our competitors, Jaeco is an American owned and operated company that makes all the Chemigation pumps it sells in the U.S.A.

The direction of rotation of all three types of injection metering pumps can be reversed at any time making them the perfect pump for use with pivot systems. All pumps have a steady-state accuracy of .5%. Liquid ends are available in a variety of materials to meet a broad spectrum of chemical requirements. Diaphragm and Packed Plunger injection metering pumps are available in simplex and duplex models offering a wide range of capacities from 0.38 to 682 gallons per hour and a broad range of pressures to 7,200 psi. All Jaeco injection metering pumps are available with electric motors, V-belt, variable speed drives or gasoline engines.

Complete Pumps Shipped in 48 Hrs. Parts Shipped in 24 Hrs.

Jaeco Small Order, Quick Ship Program Most configurations and liquid end components are available from stock so assembled pumps can be shipped within 48 hours. All parts for injection metering pumps are carried in stock so spare parts can be shipped in 24 hrs or less.

What is Chemigation?

Chemigation is the addition of fertilizers or chemicals to your irrigation water to help your crops grow. Studies have shown chemigation is the most economical and accurate way to apply these products to your fields. In addition it eliminates extra tractor passes, expensive equipment and can be done whenever you want it to be.

What Can You Apply?

Almost any liquid including fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, wetting agents and water conditioners. Certain materials may need special handling so check the label.

What Kind of Irrigation System Is Needed?

The system type does not matter. It can be pivot, drip, sub-surface, tape, pipe, laterals sprinkler or open ditch.

What Does Chemigation Require?

It requires a holding tank for the liquid being applied, hose fittings, couplings and a filter plus a metering pump for accurate and reliable product application.

What Is an Injection Pump?

The injection pump is the most important part of the system because it controls how much of the product you are applying is added into the irrigation water. With a metering pump the injection rate per acre irrigated remains constant even if the flow rate or pressure of the irrigation water varies. The size of the pump is dependent upon the amount of product you need to apply.

**For those Chemigation applications that require higher capacities or higher pressures Jaeco Hi-Flo pumps (link to Hi-Flo page here) are the answer

Adjusting Pump Capacity

All Jaeco injection metering pumps are fitted with a capacity scale, graduated from 0-10 (0-100%). The scale relates to the percentage in Gallons Per Hour (GPH) output based on the maximum output capability of the specific pump rated at 1725 rpm. Refer to pump instructions for specific procedure for making pump capacity adjustment.


  1. Maximum pump output = 7.2 GPH @ a setting of 10 (100%) on the scale.
  2. Desired output of the pump is 3.6 GPH.
  3. Pointer should be adjusted to a setting of 5 (50%) on the capacity scale ie. 5 (50%) of 7.2 GPH = 3.6 GPH. Another way of looking at it is 3.6 7.2 = .5 (50%).

That is all there is to it.

Injection Line Check & Pump Valves

Jaeco 316 Stainless Steel spring-loaded Injection Line Check Valves are available in two styles, O-Ring Poppet style valves and Ball style check valves. These valves are widely used on any liquid system that may require a spring-loaded check valve for positive, no drip, shutoff and/or backflow protection. Both styles have been listed by the Idaho Department of Agriculture as Approved Chemigation Equipment for use as an injection line check valve to prevent the backflow of water into the chemical tank, causing a possible overflow mixture of water and chemical onto the ground or into the water source.

The valves also help prevent the full pressure of the irrigation system from blowing the hose. The valves have a pressure break of 10 PSI. Both are also available with 2 PSI pressure break.

Both spring-loaded styles are available in 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" and 1" sizes and can also be used on pumps.

Jaeco also manufactures non-spring-loaded pump valves that fit most competitors injection metering pumps in sizes 3/8" & 1/2";.

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